Established in the 1991 HITECH COMPUTER CENTRE soon became an Internet leader in low cost computer parts. The brand reputation grew quickly as customers demanded lower prices, faster service and higher quality in this new marketplace.
From modest beginnings HITECH COMPUTER CENTRE has become a digital market maker around the world selling products on the secure web site.

HITECH COMPUTER CENTRE offers hottest deals in the computer industry! We purchase new products as well as manufacturer excess, overstock, and slightly obsolete inventories in large quantities. This allows us to offer products to you at the best price.
Today HITECH COMPUTER CENTRE has successfully reduced operating costs improved customer service levels and enhanced world class shipping capabilities which equates to best products for our customers.

Hardware Solutions & Services: Across India, HITECH COMPUTER CENTRE offers Customer-Centric Service Solutions, including fulfillment, logistics and multi-commodity repair, with the option of managing the total outsourcing of all the client’s warranty responsibilities. These technological services are provided to some of the key players in the IT and Telecommunications hardware industry, including OEM/ODM, System Integrator and EMS companies.

Asset Recovery: With rapid advancement in technology, getting the best value out of existing and often dated technical systems and hardware is what HITECH COMPUTER CENTRE helps its clients with. Auditing assets, taking inventory, screening, testing either onsite or at our location with 100% data sanitization and offering best residual value for assets is what makes HITECH COMPUTER CENTRE with a base of over 2000 clients, a valued partner in asset recovery.




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